Feature documentary, dir. Henry Singer, Rob Miller 2018 - Sandpaper Films. 99 mins. BBC Storyville, Frontline PBS, VPRO, WDR

*Nominated for Grierson Best International Documentary 2019

Official Selection IDFA 2018, HotDocs, CPHDOX, Munich, Oslo, Belgrade, Krakow & many others

In 2012, almost exactly 20 years after the bloody conflict in the former Yugoslavia ended, the trial began of the Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić at the Yugoslavia tribunal in The Hague. The crimes he was accused of included leading the siege of Sarajevo and murdering 7,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica.

Filmmakers Rob Miller and Henry Singer shed light on the war from two angles, by on the one hand speaking to the public prosecutors and visiting victims and witnesses, and on the other interviewing Mladić’s lawyers, supporters and family members, who consider him a patriotic hero. Shocking, potent images in archive news footage remind us of the absurd and gratuitous cruelty meted out in this dirty war, whose battles are still not over.’

‘An extraordinary film’ - Christiane Amanpour, CNN international

‘A superb, powerful documentary…meticulous, devastating’ - Julian Borger

‘Those who believe with Martin Luther King Jnr that the ‘arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice’ might find affirmation of that Hope in Henry Singer and Rob Miller’s the Trial of Ratko Mladic’ - Peter Keogh, the Boston Globe


TOKYO IDOLS, dir. Kyoko Miyake, 90 min, 2016, Eyesteel Films. BBC4 Storyille

Feature documentary detailing the phenomenon of idol bands in Tokyo. The film examines culture, alienation and fantasy in modern Japan

through the eyes of fans and the teenage 'idols' themselves. 

*Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2017.. HotDocs, Copenhagen, Edinburgh International Film Festival & many others

*Winner: Best Editing - Asian International Documentary Feature - International Los Angeles Pan Pacific Film Festival 2017

LOUIS THEROUX: Mothers on the Edge 60 mins for BBC2, dir Mark Casebow 2019

An in-depth look at severe mental health conditions affecting new mothers - including post-natal psychosis

LOUIS THEROUX: DARK STATES - Heroin Town; Trafficking Sex; Murder in Milwaukee

3 x 60 mins for BBC2, dir. Dan Child, Jamie Pickup, Jason Massot, Exec Prod: Peter Dale 2017.

A trilogy of films looking at the dystopian side of the US today, focusing on the deadly epidemic of opiate addiction in West Virginia; and the relationships between prostitutes and their pimps in Houston; and gun violence in Milwaukee. Penetrating, disturbing, occasionally humorous and 'deeply human.'

*Nominated: BAFTA Craft award for Editing

LOUIS THEROUX: A Different Mind BBC 2,  dir. Jamie Pickup 2016

Louis investigates those people and their families affected by brain injury in the UK


LOUIS THEROUX: Drinking to Oblivion  BBC 2 dir. Tom Barrow 2015

A gruelling exploration of alcoholism in the UK. Louis meets patients at Kings College Hospital in South London.

*Nominated: Best Presenter Grierson Awards 2016

*Winner: Televisual Bulldog Awards - Best Documentary 2017


COUNTDOWN TO LIFE: Programme 2, Against the Odds BBC Science for BBC2 dir. Helen Sage 2015

Landmark Series combining graphics and present-day narrative to illustrate how events in the womb affect us all in later life. This programme stresses the importance of diversity in both evolutionary and social contexts. 

*Nominated: Best Science Programme, Grierson Awards 2016


LONNIE DONEGAN AND ME dir. Paul Bernays for Spring Films - ITV 2015. 1 x 60 mins

A look at the importance and legacy of musician Lonnie Donegan with Jim Carter. Using archive and interview from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Jack White, Roger Daltrey etc


LORRAINE PASCAL: Fostering & Me BBC docs for BBC2 dir. Dan Child 2014. 1 X 60min.

A powerful and harrowing exploration of fostering through the eyes of someone who spent time in care herself.


LIFE & DEATH ROW Programme 3: Crisis Stage  BBC docs for BBC 3. Dir. Graeme McAulay 2013. 1 x 60min

The final hope of some Death Row inmates rests with a bunch of law students at The University of Houston. The programme follows one intern's attempts to overturn the sentences of 2 convicted killers.

*Winner BAFTA: Best Factual Series 2014, Winner RTS Award, Best Factual Series 2014


EDUCATING YORKSHIRE  TwoFour Productions for Channel 4Ser. Dir. David Brindley/Grace Reynolds 2013

Programme 8 (Musharaf overcomes a crippling stammer to pass his GCSE exam with the help of star English teacher Mr Burton)

Programme 5 (Stephen Moses is the head of Year 9)

WINNER: Best Documentary Series, RTS Awards 2014


SPACE DIVE - BBC 2, Nat Geo dir. Colin Barr, prod. Graeme McAulay Nov 2012. 1 x 90 min.

The whole 4 year story behind Felix Baumgartner’s freefall through the sound barrier.

*WINNER: 2013 Emmy Awards – Best Science Programme, Winner: US RealScreen Award, Best Science Prog 2012


Rachel Bruno – My Dad & Me – BBC3, Dir. Dan Child March 2013. 1 x 60min

In a highly personal account concluding BBC3’s Mental Health season, Frank Bruno’s daughter comes to terms with the Bipolar Disorder that has devastated their family and effects a reconciliation with Frank himself.


From Romania With Love  - ITV, dir. Charlie Russell. Dec 2012 1 X 50 min.

3 orphans brought to Britain in 1990 amidst the media furore following the fall of Ceausescu go back to Romania in search of their birth mothers and the country they left behind.


“OUR WAR Series 1: Caught in the Crossfire” – BBC3 dir. Stuart Bernard, Exec. Colin Barr. 2011. 1 x 60min

Prog 3 of 3. Groundbreaking series telling the history of 10 years of the War in Afghanistan through unmitigated footage from soldiers’ headcams Winner – BAFTA ‘Best Factual Series’ 2012, ‘Best Factual Series’, Broadcast Awards 2012, Nominated for Grierson


LOUIS THEROUX: Extreme Love – Autism”  - BBC 2, dir. Jamie Pickup 2012. 1 x 60 min.

Louis meets children and families affected by Autism and spends time in a specialist school for the condition.


THE MIDWIVES: Fighting for Life - The Garden for BBC 2, dir. Grace Reynolds 2012. 1x 60min

Series following midwives. This programme looks at high risk pregnancies.


“LOUIS THEROUX: The Ultra-Zionists” – BBC2, dir. Andy Wells 2010. 1 X 60min.

Louis turns his attentions to the West Bank, and examines the motivations of some of the controversial Jewish settlers, as well as those who support and oppose them. Shortlisted for Grierson Award 2011


 “THE TUBE” –Blast! Films for BBC2 – 2 x 60 min, dir. Danny Horan 2012

Unique series covering every aspect of the London Underground and the staff who work on it. Nominated for Broadcast Award 2013


“FIRST CUT: Superheroes of Suburbia”  - C4, dir. Christian Watt, Exec. Zac Beatty 2011. 1 x 24 min.

Examines the surreal yet steadily growing cult of real-life superheroes and their motivations.


 “WONDERLAND: The Kids Who Play With Fire” – BBC2, dir. Vanessa Stockley 2010. 1 X 60min

Documentary following 3 young potential arsonists and the efforts of the Fire Service to curb their compulsion.


“LOUIS THEROUX: America’s Medicated Kids”- BBC2, dir. Danny Horan2010 1 x 60min

Louis investigates the growing phenomena of kids put on psycho-active medication to control behavioural disorders in the US.


HORIZON: Man’s Best Friend- BBC2, dir. Dan Child 2009. 1 X 60 min

An examination of the significance of the relationship between humans and dogs.


THE FAMILY SERIES 2”Dragonfly for C4, Series Director David Clews. 2009 (BAFTA nominated series)


Two Feet in the Grave” – BBC1, dir. Dan Child.  2009. 1 x 60min. Richard Wilson explores the taboo of death and the way we die in Britain today, arguing for more openness and understanding around this issue.


“WONDERLAND: Bus to the End of the World”* –BBC2 for Nick Mirsky, dir. David Clews 2007. 1 x 40min

An unusual package tour round Israel for Christians who believe Armageddon is imminent. *Foreign Press Award – ‘Best Travel Film’ 2008


“Eunuchs” – Form Media for C4 dir. Danny Horan, 2007 1 X 50 min

An investigation of the growing phenomenon of voluntary castration, following several eunuchs, including one 20yr old about to undergo surgery.


“Kirsten O’Brien’s Topless Ambition” – Talkback Thames for BBC3 dir. Hannah Brownhill. 2008.  1 x 60min. Children’s presenter Kirsten O’Brien embarks on a personal journey in order to decide whether to do a lads’ mag shoot to further her career.


“The World’s Tallest Woman and Me” – Firefly for C4, dir. Kate Townsend2008 1 x 50min.

Comedian Mark Dolan goes in search of female giants.


HIDDEN LIVES – Sweaty Betty” – RAW for C5 dir. Katherine Hagan 2007, 1 x 50min

The phenomenon of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating & how it impacts on women’s lives.


 “Intervention” – betty for C4 dir. David Clews, 2006 1 x 50min

2 heroin addicts are helped out of addiction using a revolutionary method.


“First Love Second Chance” – Yorkshire for ITV dir. Wendie Ottewill, 2004

1 x 50 min - 2 people revisit their first romance and try to make love last




“No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For” Optic Nerve for C4, 1997

50 min obituary documentary on Allen Ginsberg.

*Silver Award in ‘Arts’, US Film/TV Festival ‘98


“Modern American Poets” Optic Nerve for C4, 1996-97

4 x 30min docs on William Carlos Williams, Frank O’Hara, Gary Snyder, Amiri Baraka


“Letters From the Trenches” - Optic Nerve for C4 Learning, 1999

2 x 20 min doc series on WW1 – actors reading letters against archive footage




“ROAR” – Cheetah for CBBC, AUG 2007 4 x 1hrs - Series of magazine animal progs for kids

 “The Secret Millionaire” pilot / prog 2 - RDF for C4 dir. Emily Jones, JAN-MAR 2006

“You Are What You Eat series 3” – Celador for C4 dir. Adeline Ramage DEC-JAN 2005/6

 “Make Me A Million” – RDF for Channel 4 dir. Danny Horan, 2005

 “Holiday Showdown” – RDF for ITV dir. Caroline Antscherl 2005

 “Wife Swap series 2” – RDF for Channel 4 dir. Simon Davies, 2003 (BAFTA-winning series)1 x 50 min

“Big Brother Series 1, 2 &3”




 “1’30’ – Piano Magic” – DIRECTOR & EDITOR, 2002

Pop promo for 4AD / Beggars Banquet Records

Alexander McQueen fashion show 1998

“Dust” - CO-PRODUCER, EDITOR, 2001 – animation about cleaning          

“Surface” - short film starring Chloe Sevigny, dir. Michael Cleary 1998